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Tunisia parties call for protests on 10 December

Tunisia removes security unionists
Tunisia removes security unionists

Five Tunisian political parties called for commemorating International Human Rights Day by taking part in demonstrations for "defending democracy, rejecting the electoral farce and preserving public and individual rights and freedoms."

The parties said in a statement that the march will begin on Saturday in the capital, Tunis, at El Basaj garden and head to the Habib Bourguiba Street.

The five participating parties are the Workers, Republican, Democratic Current, Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (At Takattol), and Qutb.

This call coincides with a similar call by the opposition group the National Salvation Front, though the Secretary-General of the Democratic Current Party, Ghazi Chawashi, told Al-Araby

Al-Jadeed that the parties are considering demonstrating on the same day but without coordinating with the Salvation Front.

These protests come a week before the 17 December legislative elections which were called for by Tunisian President Kais Saied. The elections are being boycotted by opposition parties leading to fears that turnout will be low.

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