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UK pledges $16m to support Lebanon army

December 15, 2022 at 3:54 pm

British Ambassador Hamish Cowell in agreement signed with LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun. [@ukinlebanon/Twitter]

The British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamish Cowell, announced a £13 million ($16 million) commitment to support the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) from 2022 to 2025.

A meeting was held by the High Level Steering Committee of the Aid Program for the Protection of Land Borders, attended  by Cowell, the US Ambassador, Dorothy Shea, and the Canadian Ambassador, Stephanie McCollum, to discuss security on the Lebanese-Syrian border.

A statement released by the British embassy following the meeting said the joint border programme has reinforced the authority of the Lebanese state along its land border with Syria where Four Land Border Regiments have been deployed from the north in Arida to the south in Jebel Al Sheikh.

“This MOU demonstrates our commitment to continuing our support to and cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces,” Cowell said after the meeting.

“Since 2009, the UK has committed over £87 million allowing the LAF to optimise its capabilities, develop and modernise. We are proud of our contribution to building the LAF’s reputation as a respected, professional armed forces able to defend Lebanon and provide security along its border with Syria,” he added.

The Lebanese army said the ambassadors praised the performance of the Lebanese border control units in combating smuggling, as well their active role in confronting terrorist organisations in order to preserve the country’s security.

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