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Lebanon detains ex-Hezbollah soldier working for Israel

January 5, 2023 at 11:18 am

Lebanese soldiers stand guard at Lebanon-Syria border with armoured vehicles after Lebanese army ended the “Dawn of the Mountains” operation against Daesh on 28 August 2017 [Muhammed Ali Akman/Anadolu Agency]

Lebanon has detained a former Hezbollah soldier who was passing information to the Israeli external intelligence agency Mossad, Al-Akhbar newspaper reported yesterday.

Female Mossad agent ‘Charlotte from Belgium’ approached former Hezbollah soldier, Mohsen S., at a cafe  in Sierra Leone’s Freetown. They met again at her home.

One week later, Mohsen S. received a video via WhatsApp which included intimate positions of him and Charlotte in her house. Fifteen minutes later he received a message in Arabic telling him to be quiet.

“Keep quiet and do not put yourself in danger,” the sender said, adding that he was an Israeli intelligence agent.

The former Hezbollah soldier then agreed to work with Mossad and give it details of Hezbollah’s military capabilities, which he knew about from when he was a member of the group. He gave them details about training sites and he was asked to draw a map.

Mossad also requested information about Hezbollah’s arms, military first aid abilities, and the personal defence and topography courses he had taken. He was asked about the identities of the trainers and gave some names and places of residence.

Mohsen S. was paid $17,000 and was asked not to spend much money in order not to come under suspicion.

Lebanese security officials detained Mohsen S. in Naqoura in September, where he was working with his father-in-law.

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