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Egypt: Man beheads wife, broadcasts live video sitting next to her corpse

January 10, 2023 at 9:47 am

Egyptian policemen stand guard, 6 July 2018 [KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images]

A man in Egypt’s Daqahlia province murdered and decapitated his wife then went live on Facebook while standing next to her corpse, local media reported on Sunday.

The province’s Security Director Major-General Marwan Habib was notified by Tira village residents that a husband had slaughtered his wife, took pictures of himself next to her body then sent those pictures to her family. When they tried to catch him, he threatened to kill his children.

Security forces arrived at the crime scene and found the husband sitting next to his 26-year-old wife’s decapitated body speaking in a live broadcast on Facebook. When they tried to arrest him, he grabbed his three children and threatened to kill them.

Police officers were, however, able to rescue the children and arrest their father.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the couple were married for nine years and had disagreements. They divorced two years ago but remarried last week.

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The tragic incident once again underscores the failure of Egyptian authorities to protect women from violence.

study by the Edraak Foundation for Development and Equality (EFDE) recorded 813 violent crimes against women and girls in Egypt in 2021, up from 415 in the previous year. There were a number of high profile murders of women in Egypt last year.

Student Naira Ashraf, 21, was stabbed 19 times on 20 June outside the gates of a university in Al-Mansoura almost a year after she refused a marriage proposal. Less than two months after her murder, another student, Salma Bahgat, 20, was stabbed at least 15 times in Zagazig, between Cairo and Al-Mansoura. A colleague was accused of killing her after she refused his marriage proposal. A rejected marriage proposal was also behind the killing two weeks ago of another Egyptian student by her would-be suitor.