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Four Yemenis freeze to death while fleeing to Europe

January 27, 2023 at 12:03 pm

Irregular migrants who want to reach Europe illegally. [Yassine Gaidi – Anadolu Agency]

Four Yemenis froze to death on the border of Belarus while trying to immigrate to Europe, local media sources have reported. Two were named by the Yemeni Embassy in Moscow, as Tawfiq Ali, and Omar Ahmed Al-Hushairi. Both died on the international border between Poland and Belarus “due to the very low temperature.” The other victims were mentioned by the Yemeni embassy in Berlin.

The death of four Yemenis is just the latest in a series of tragedies involving migrants. There have been frequent reports of the death of Yemenis during their attempts to immigrate to Europe. While some drown, others die of extreme cold and even more pass away through other causes.

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Their death reflects the tragic situation in Yemen. The war with Saudi Arabia which has been raging for eight years has devastated the already impoverished country. Many have no option but to flee.

The Yemeni embassy in Moscow said that it “keenly and intently followed up the situation of the citizens stranded on the Belarusian-Polish borders, and it spoke with the relevant authorities in the Republic of Belarus, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Belarusian border guards, to secure the return of the citizens to Yemen in a way that preserves their safety and ends their suffering on the international border between Belarus and Poland.”

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