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Israel carries out air strikes on Gaza Strip

No one was hurt in the latest Israeli assault on the Strip which took place last night

The Israeli Army yesterday bombed a site belonging to the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip with no casualties reported, Times of Israel reports.

The Israel Defence Forces claimed it launched air raids where Hamas stores chemicals used for missiles, including a facility that manufactures weaponry.

"The strike deals a serious blow to Hamas's ability to fortify and arm itself," the IDF said in a statement.

Moreover, Israeli Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, wrote on Twitter: "The Air Force destroyed Hamas weapons production and storage sites tonight. Any [rocket] fire at the State of Israel or any attempt to harm the lives of the residents of the south will be met with the strength of the IDF."


The attacks against Gaza come only a week after a night of horrific Israeli air strikes across the besieged Gaza Strip, which left hundreds of Palestinian children traumatised.

Some 2.3 million Palestinians live in the narrow enclave. They are largely unable to leave to seek employment abroad, and have been squeezed by 15 years of a siege imposed by Israel.

The Occupation State has launched four major military offensives against the civilian population since 2008. Gaza also borders Egypt, which imposes its own restrictions on passage through the Rafah border crossing.


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