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Morocco: Palestine solidarity demonstration in Rabat

February 2, 2023 at 1:30 pm

Protests in Morocco against normalisation with Israel and in support of Palestinians on 1 February 2023 [Facebook]

Dozens of Moroccan human rights activists demonstrated in the capital Rabat on Wednesday in solidarity with Palestine against the “daily killing of the Palestinian people at the hands of Zionist criminals.” They also denounced the normalisation of relations between Morocco and Israel in late 2020.

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The demonstration was organised by the Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Against Normalisation, and the National Action Group for Palestine. Both are known for their continued and open defence of the Palestinian cause in Morocco.

“We condemn the fascist decisions made by the occupation government against the Palestinian people,” said the Front, “and condemn in the strongest terms the international silence complicit with the right-wing fascist government and its racist decisions.” It called on the Palestinian factions to “close ranks and unite,” and to act to preserve the “legitimate rights” of the Palestinian people.

The Front also called on “the free men and women of Morocco” to increase their mobilisation and awareness in support of the Palestinian people. “We must all work side by side until normalisation is overthrown, a law criminalising it is passed, the Zionists are expelled from our country, and the Negev 2 conference is stopped from being hosted by Morocco.”

Morocco normalised relations with the occupation state on 10 December 2020 after American mediation. In exchange, Washington gave recognition to Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, which has been disputed between the Kingdom and the Polisario Front since 1976.

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