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Saudi Arabia and Egypt tension: Egyptian editor insults kingdom

February 4, 2023 at 10:07 am

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (L) meets with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (R) Cairo, Egypt [Royal Court of Saudi Arabia/Anadolu Agency]

The editor-in-chief of the state-run Al-Gomhuria newspaper in Egypt, Abdul Raziq Tawfiq, indirectly directed offensive messages at Saudi Arabia, accusing it of being hateful of Egypt’s success and jealous of the Egyptian army. The newspaper editor criticised: “It wouldn’t survive for a moment if something bad happened to Egypt.” He also described those who criticised his country as “lowlifes” and “dwarves”.

This came in his article published on Thursday in Al-Gomhuria, one of the largest government newspapers in Egypt and the latest media exchange between the two countries.

Tawfiq criticised the attack and misinformation by “sister countries” against Egypt, questioning: “I do not know why the strength and ability of the great Egyptian army causes them to go mad and their hatefulness.”

He continued to attack the kingdom without explicitly mentioning it, stating: “It is strange that the attack and abuse are coming from those who are supposedly our brothers. However, while Egypt overlooks the trivialities and the actions of dwarfs and small people, it will not accept pressure and blackmail that pushes the region into conflicts and causes all means of security and stability to fade away.”

“We should not waste our precious time in arguments and responding to the abuses and lies of lowlifes. What matters to us is the Egyptian mind and building true awareness because hatred of Egypt’s successes has reached an unprecedented level.”

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The prominent Egyptian journalist escalated his attack by describing Egypt’s critics as: “The arrogant, lowlifes and dwarves who do not realise the value, greatness and prominence of the great Egyptian army, its history, present and future.” Some considered this a reference to Saudi writers and academics who recently denounced the Egyptian army, including Turki Al-Hamad and Khaled Al-Dakhil.

“This is why I say that the fierce attack on Egypt, the campaigns of lies, rumours, doubt, insults, stabbing, incitement and falsification, did not come from nowhere. It came because of Egypt’s successes, achievements, strength, solidity and the fear and terror of its growing capabilities. It is reaching a level that disturbs others and causes them to be hateful and resentful,” he noted.

Tawfiq claimed: “Egypt is confronting all the lies and the continuous abuses launched by the lowlifes, dwarfs, and haters of Egypt’s power and ability to thwart all of their schemes, conspiracies and hellish scenarios that do not target Egypt alone.”

“But unfortunately, there are fools blinded by money who do not realise that if something bad happens to Egypt, they will not survive for a minute. They are merely vocal phenomena with dead visions and insight. They are motivated by jealousy, hatred and plots because of Egypt’s honourable constants and stances that are aware of the dimensions of the conspiracy and what is intended for it and the Arab region,” concluded Tawfiq.

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