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Israeli air strikes and ground raids on Jenin

Israel's incursion on Jenin has rendered the occupied city a 'war zone', as Israeli snipers and drones have killed at least 8 people, while bulldozers are causing widespread destruction to Jenin's central shopping areas and civilian cars and homes. The Palestinian resistance is fighting back against the attack and has shot down several Israeli drones, but anger among the civilian population is growing as casualties continue to rise

July 3, 2023 at 8:25 am

The Israeli occupation army raided houses in the Jenin camp, killing three  Palestinians, in the early hours of today.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the deaths of Samih Abu Al-Wafa, Aws Hani Hanou, and Hasim Abu Theeba, adding that 13 others were injured, three seriously.

The occupation’s warplanes also targeted a house in the camp, as ground troops were sent to reinforce existing forces which stormed the city of Jenin. It also deployed tanks at the illegal Separation Wall.

Bulldozers were used to close the entrances to the camp.

According to eyewitnesses, occupation forces targeted the camp from several directions.

An Israeli political source told the official Kan channel: “The aim of the operation is to end Jenin’s function as a haven for terrorism. We are talking about a large-scale operation that was approved by the prime minister and the security minister about a week and a half ago. Currently, the operation is targeting Jenin.”

In a statement, the Islamic Jihad Movement said: “The Zionist enemy bears full responsibility for all the consequences of this attack, which will not achieve its goals. Jenin will remain a symbol of steadfastness.”

“The resistance will confront the enemy and will defend the Palestinian people. All the options are available to strike the enemy in response to its aggression in Jenin,” it added.

Hamas added: “The attack against Jenin will fail, and [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu and his government bear responsibility for what is happening.”

Kan reported that the operation is the largest since ‘Defensive Shield’ in 2002 in which hundreds of occupation forces participated.

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