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Palestinians kick PA officials out of Jenin

Palestinian Authority officials who came to pay their respects to the families of Palestinians killed by Israel during its raid on Jenin are told to leave by angry locals

July 6, 2023 at 4:19 pm

Palestinian mourners in the West Bank kicked out a number of Fatah and Palestinian Authority (PA) officials from the funeral for the victims of Israel’s recent invasion of Jenin, amid the widely-held perception that the PA was silent and complicit in the Israeli operation.

In videos circulating online, families and loved ones of the deceased were heard chanting “out, out” to a delegation of Fatah and PA figures who came to pay condolences at the funeral of the victims yesterday.

In a massive operation by the Israeli military, occupation forces stormed and invaded the West Bank city of Jenin, with the apparent goal of rooting out and eradicating the Lions’ Den Resistance group which has risen to prominence over the past year.

The invasion was carried out by thousands of Israeli ground troops, hundreds of armoured vehicles, and even aircraft and armed drones.

Entire neighbourhoods were cleared out and families were forced by Israeli occupation troops to leave their homes with the threat of being destroyed within them.

The 2-day raid resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinians and the wounding of over 100 more, with the city now widely devastated and around 80 per cent of its buildings damaged, including residential areas and health facilities. Around 3,000 individuals were also reportedly displaced from their homes.

Amid condemnation from various countries and by the PA itself, many Palestinians accused the PA and Fatah of being largely inactive over the invasion, contributing to the already deeply-held view that the PA is merely a security sub-contractor for the Israeli occupation due to their close security coordination and crackdown on Palestinian Resistance activity.

According to Palestinian media, which cited anonymous local sources, young men yesterday headed towards the Palestinian Presidency offices in Jenin and began throwing stones and Molotov cocktails in protest against the “lack of involvement of the security services in the face of the Israeli forces”.

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