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Hamas calls for Palestinian unity at time of division in occupation state

July 31, 2023 at 9:22 am

EL ALAMEIN, EGYPT – JULY 30: (—-EDITORIAL USE ONLY – MANDATORY CREDIT – ‘PALESTINIAN PRESIDENCY / HANDOUT’ – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS—-) A general view of the meeting of Palestinian groups’ general secretaries in El Alamein, Egypt on July 30, 2023. ( Palestinian Presidency – Anadolu Agency )

The head of the Hamas Political Bureau called on Sunday for the Palestinians to take the opportunity of the current divisions within Israel and be united. Ismail Haniyeh also called for the adoption of an effective national plan capable of facing the challenges imposed by the current Israeli occupation government.

Speaking at a meeting of the Palestinian factions’ secretaries-general in Cairo, Haniyeh explained that the plan should be based on five principles: the termination of the Oslo Accords; recognising that the major Palestinian struggle is with the Israeli occupation; recognising that the Palestinian people have entered a national liberation stage; embracing political partnership based on democratic elections; and reaffirming that the Palestinian cause is a national Arab, Islamic and humanitarian issue with Jerusalem at its heart.

To put such a plan into effect, Haniyeh called for embracing the option of comprehensive resistance — all of which is legitimate under international law — and supporting the Palestinian people in their fight against the Israeli occupation and colonial settlers. The Hamas leader also demanded an end to all forms of security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and the political detention of Palestinians.

To ensure the success of such a plan, Haniyeh called for the formation of a factional committee to follow up the agreed outcomes of the Egyptian-brokered meeting. He concluded by reaffirming the necessity of restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on the basis of holding free elections and achieving national consensus.

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