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Algeria warns against foreign military intervention in Niger

August 2, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Smoke rises after coup supporters set fire to the headquarters of President Mohamed Bazoum’s party, the Party for Democracy and Socialism in Niger (PNDS-TARAYA) in Niamey, Niger on July 27, 2023 [Balima Boureima/Anadolu Agency]

The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday warned against resorting to foreign military intervention to restore constitutional order in Niger, where a coup has plunged the country into a crisis.

“Algeria cautions, calls for prudence and restraint in the face of aspirations of foreign military intervention, which unfortunately appear to be real and feasible options, while being factors that only complicate and exacerbate the current crisis,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Algeria reaffirms its deep sense of urgency for the restoration of constitutional order in Niger and for respect for the requirements of the rule-of-law. In this regard, the Algerian government reaffirms its support for Mohamed Bazoum as the legitimate president of the Republic of the Niger,” the ministry said.

“Constitutional order must be returned through peaceful means so as to prevent brotherly Niger and the entire region from sliding further into problems of insecurity and instability,” it added.

For her part, on Monday, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna refuted accusations that Paris intends to “intervene militarily” in Niger.

Burkina Faso and Mali have also warned against resorting to military intervention in Niger to restore President Bazoum to power, saying it would be tantamount to a “declaration of war” against them.

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