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Brazil: Students force university to stop talk by Zionist advocacy group

August 25, 2023 at 12:06 pm

Students of Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) in Brazil condemned the visit of the head of the Zionist StandWithUs Brazil, Andre Lajest, in August 2023. [fepal_brasil/Instagram]

Palestinian and Brazilian students have succeeded in stopping the head of the Zionist advocacy group StandWithUs Brazil, Andre Lajest, holding a talk at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), Brazil.

Known as a ferocious defender of Israel, Lajest’s visit caused anger students who described him as “one of the greatest defenders of Zionist politics and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.” Students, labour unions and organisations and left-wing political parties united at the university entrance carrying Palestinian flags and ‘Free Palestine’ banners, and said they would not allow Brazilian universities to be used to support Israeli apartheid.

Lajest was due to take part in a meeting titled “Israeli cooperation”.

“Our rejection and denunciation of the existence of the (Zionist) Legist is based on our refusal to violate international laws and the basic rights of the Palestinian people. The Palestinians’ fight against the racist Zionist colonial Israeli occupation in their homeland is the battle of all humanity,” the students said in a statement.

The students considered “accepting the presence of [Andre Lagest] at the Federal University means approval and support for the inhumane colonial Zionist policy in occupied Palestine.”

“Accepting the presence of supporters of [Israel] in our university is tantamount to establishing a Zionist project for a homogeneous, racist Jewish state without the Palestinians, the real owners of Palestine,” they added.

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“Palestine became the largest open prison in the world and its parts were dismembered because of the Israeli apartheid wall. Their lands were stolen by Israeli settlers, and Israelis are still practicing various types of torture and persecution against the Palestinians,” they added

“Our refusal to the visiting of the defenders of [Israel] is an opportunity to reiterate and confirm our absolute support for the Palestinian cause and people who fight against the Israeli occupation.”

The Students´ Council called on all students, professors and technical-administrative staff in Brazil to reject the use of their campuses by Zionists to promote their Apartheid image in Palestine.

The Palestinian Arab Federation of Brazil and the Brazilian-Palestinian community condemned the police violence against the students of UFAM after they peacefully protested against the Zionist presence on campus.


According to the Brazilian activist and a member in Brazil’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Fabio Bosco, the solidarity campaigns grow in Brazil day after day. Raising the political consciousness of the Brazilian people and putting pressure on the authorities has become a goal for many students and institutions.

“I think it may reach the point of halting agreements between Brazil and the Zionist entity. Of course, the main driving force for solidarity campaigns across the world is the Palestinian resistance. Having this energy coming from occupied Palestine, we will overcome the Zionist lobby and work to stop every agreement with the Zionist entity,” Bosco said.

“Solidarity campaigns in Brazil have had a great achievement over the years! For example in March 2023, the students and workers in the University of Campinas prevented the ‘Israeli Universities Fair’ from taking place on their campus. Now the BDS is developing among students,” Bosco added.

In fact, Palestine solidarity movements are gaining strength within Brazilian universities in the face of the Zionist presence in Brazil, particularly at higher education institutions, with students from diverse political perspectives sharing in the establishment of local BDS chapters.

Bosco explained: “This is so meaningful and a decisive step! In general, the labour federations and the left-wing parties stand in solidarity with Palestine. This support might make changes and bring hope as all these organisations are shocked by the daily violence promoted by the Zionist entity against Palestinians.”

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