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Libya: Schools reopen in 15 flood-affected municipalities

October 2, 2023 at 2:17 pm

Libyan Red Crescent and other non-governmental organizations play with children who lost their families to lift their spirits and help with their trauma healing in Derna, Libya on 17 September, 2023 [Hamza Al Ahmar – Anadolu Agency]

The Ministry of Education in Libya’s Government of National Unity yesterday announced the resumption of education in 15 municipalities that were severely affected by floods that swept the country on 10 September.

The ministry stated that classes have resumed in all educational institutions in the municipalities of Al-Abyar, Al-Jardas Al-Abid, Al-Marj, Wardamah, Al-Qubah, Omar Al-Mukhtar, and most educational institutions in the municipalities of Umm Al-Rizam, Al-Abrak, Sousse, Shihat, Al-Sahel, Al-Militaniya, Al-Bayda and Al-Qayqab in the eastern part of the country.

Students from the city of Derna, which was most affected by the floods, have been directed to educational institutions in the towns of Karsa, Martubah and Ain Mara, it added.

Last week, the Government of National Unity in Libya announced that 95 per cent of educational institutions in the eastern part of the country were affected by the floods, with 114 schools damaged.

Mediterranean Storm Daniel struck eastern Libya on 10 September, leading to floods in several cities, including Benghazi, Bayda, Al Marj, Soussa, and Derna, resulting in massive destruction to infrastructure and a significant loss of life.

Derna was hardest hit by the deadly flooding, causing the city’s dams to burst, washing away homes and people.

According to the forces loyal to East Libya-based Parliament, at least 4,120 people have been killed in the catastrophic floods.

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