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Jordan's King rejects any Israeli plan to occupy parts of Gaza

November 13, 2023 at 4:07 pm

Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman, Jordan. [Royal Hashemite Court RHC – Anadolu Agency]

Jordan’s King Abdullah rejected any plans by Israel to occupy parts of Gaza or to create security zones within the enclave, saying the root cause of the crisis was Israel’s denial of Palestinians’ “legitimate rights”, state media said on Monday, Reuters reports.

In comments he made at the royal palace, the King was quoted as telling senior politicians that there could be “no military or security solution” to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

He said the war-ravaged enclave of Gaza should not be severed by Israel from the other Palestinian Territories.

The Monarch told the politicians that the “root of the crisis was Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian Territories and its denial of Palestinians legitimate rights”.

The solution starts from there and any other path is doomed to failure and more of a cycle of violence and destruction

he said.

Abdullah said

he had long warned about Israeli violations in the West Bank, with which Jordan shares a border and Jewish illegal settler attacks on Palestinian civilians could “expand the conflict and push the region “to the abyss”

Jordan is home to a large population of Palestinian refugees and their descendants who fear that Israel could expel Palestinians en masse from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian inhabitants have surged since Hamas’s 7 October attack on southern Israel.

Abdullah said, this month, the only path to permanent peace was revived negotiations on an independent Palestinian State alongside Israel.

US-brokered negotiations towards a “two-state solution” of Palestinian independence in Israeli-occupied Territories have been frozen for almost a decade.

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