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12 killed as Israel bombs Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza

The Indonesian Hospital surgical floor was struck earlier today by an Israeli air strike causing more casualties. The hospital, which was besieged for days by the Israeli army, was the last one functioning in northern Gaza according to Munir Al-Bursh, the director of hospitals. Al-Bursh fears the Israeli army is turning the hospital, which has over 650 injured people inside, into a mass grave.

November 20, 2023 at 11:22 am

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced today that 12 people were killed and dozens were wounded in an Israeli bomb attack on the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the enclave.

“The Israeli occupation forces are targeting wounded individuals, medical staff and displaced persons with the direct and repeated bombing of the hospital,” said the ministry.

According to medical sources who spoke to the Wafa Palestinian News Agency, at least eight were killed in the attack. They added that Israeli snipers are shooting anyone who tries to leave the hospital.

The hospital is sheltering “thousands” of displaced people, said Wafa, and around 150 wounded people, in addition to 100 medical personnel and hospital workers. According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli bombing led to a power outage in the hospital when its generators stopped working.

Israeli forces are surrounding the hospital with dozens of heavy military vehicles and artillery less than a kilometre away. Snipers are deployed on nearby rooftops, preventing ambulances from reaching the hospital to transport the wounded. The Indonesian Hospital is the only partially-functioning hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

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