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What about Abu Ubaida’s call on Jordan to escalate popular mass action?

November 25, 2023 at 1:42 pm

Tunisians holding banner of Abu Ubaida, the spokesman of the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades gather to stage a demonstration in streets and march through the streets in Tunis, Tunisia on November 10, 2023. [Photo by Hasan Mrad/DeFodi Images News via Getty Images]

In his speech on Thursday, the official spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, called on the Jordanian people to escalate all forms of popular and mass resistance action, saying: “You, our people in Jordan, are the nightmare of the occupation that fears your movement and strives tirelessly to neutralise and isolate you from your cause.”

The call gathered fierce momentum among the Jordanian street. Some considered it a legitimate call and an acquired right for a brother who sees this street as a synonym on the ground for the resistance – and there are many. Some saw this call as incitement against the Jordanian leadership and the official Jordanian position: these are the electronic flies that they prayed to God to save us from.

Abu Ubaida directed his message to Jordan because Jordan shared the largest border strip with the occupying state, because it has custodianship of the holy sites, which the occupation has almost completely controlled. It speaks openly about demolishing Al-Aqsa and because Zionist politicians view it as an alternative homeland. Thus, it magnifies Jordan and its status. Still, some are determined to dwarf the Jordanian state.

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Since the founding of the Hamas movement until now, nothing has come from it that would harm Jordan, even after the closure of their office in Amman. They are working only for their cause, so their calls to us are nothing but a request to frighten the starving trust in Jordanian chivalry. Their speech is completely clear that the Jordanians are not a flock of sheep until they are led away, and the man knows full well that since our creation, we have not failed to support Palestine and its people.

Israel considers Jordan a target as an alternative homeland. Until now, we have not heard a voice, and every day the Zionists threaten the country. Therefore, supporting the people of Gaza and the people of Palestine is supporting and protecting Jordan to thwart the displacement plans, and this talk is not mobilisation. Instead, it is a duty required of us to support our brothers in Gaza and Palestine.

If we go back to reading history, we remember the positions of the Jordanians on the issue and how the Jordanian tribes were helping the freedom fighters. Therefore, the Wadi Araba Agreement must not make us forget history so that Palestine is no longer our cause.

It is unfair to call Commander Abu Ubaida’s request a call for incitement as much as it is a call for popular and official escalation and support in a parallel line, as the unprecedented official escalation of Jordan’s position preceded the popular escalation until the official Jordanian position became stronger than the popular position to support Gaza. I believe this is the nightmare that Abu Ubaida spoke of.

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Because Abu Ubaida knows who the Jordanians are, it is always said about us, “the proud people of honour,” he chose the great people of Jordan, and this is nothing but confirmation of honour and pride for us. No one will see it except every weak person. May God bless the weak, and I have decreed our cause is one. If we do not support them, who will support them? Victory comes only from God.

Therefore, the message that must be conveyed to the hypocrites, the petty nationalists, the ignorant and backward racists, to the eyes of Palestine and its good people and Jordan and its sober people, is that we condemn the feeble people who do not understand religion.

For those wondering why, Jordan? Why Thursday? Why the speech to the people? Why the escalation of resistance? Why today, 50 days after the war? Why after agreeing on a truce? I answer that, as a Jordanian, I am very proud that Abu Ubaida reminded us of his speech, and he sees the impact of the popular movement in Jordan and demands that it continue and grow, so there is no need for the conspiracy theory.

Abu Ubaida’s speech contained respect for the Jordanian people and everything they did for the cause, but some used the speech to seduce them. The electronic flies were busy, and how can a fly understand the lion’s language? Abu Ubaida does not need to incite anyone. He is fighting for the honour of the entire nation.

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As for my message to the flies: if they wanted to go out, they would have prepared for it, but God disliked their resurrection, so He discouraged them, and it was said: “Sit with those who sit.”

Because Jordan is the winning card in pressures around the world, and it is the longest border strip, Abu Ubaida is counting on us. I do not expect that he excluded the Hashemite leadership after seeing what Jordan has provided since 7 October.

When Abu Ubaida singled us Jordanians out for escalation and popular pressure, it was not against our beloved state, nor incitement, as the electronic flies believe, but rather against the Israeli aggression because the truth that Al-Ghazawi knows is that the occupation is fragile, and Jordan is the nightmare of the occupation.

Al-Aqsa Flood showed us the real enemies, the normalisers and traitors, who pose a danger to all Arab countries and Islam. Thank you, Abu Ubaida. You showed us the snakes whose venom was hidden.

Abu Ubaida’s request is consistent with the solid Jordanian official position, and coming out to express this is more support for the official Jordanian position than responding to Abu Ubaida’s call. Everyone who heard the message must come out to express their support for Palestine and Jordan together.

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