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Holocaust survivor Dr Gabor Mate calls for land return to Palestine

Dr Gabor Mate, a Holocaust survivor, Hungarian-Canadian physician and author, has openly critiqued the foundation of Israel and its ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands. In a conversation with Piers Morgan, Dr Mate, who once identified as a Zionist, revised his stance, citing Israel's establishment involved the extermination, expulsion, and massacres of Palestinians. He emphasised the necessity of acknowledging historical context to understand the current conflict and to move forward.

November 29, 2023 at 2:29 pm

Hungarian-Canadian psychiatrist and author, Dr. Gabor Mate, has explained how he was a Zionist and believed in Israel as a Jewish entity before learning the reality of the situation in Palestine, and how Israel was founded on massacres and the expulsion of Palestinians from their lands.

Speaking to British broadcaster Piers Morgan, Mate explained that he had realised the reality of the Israeli occupation during his visit to the occupied Palestinian territories, adding that he cried bitterly every day for two weeks after returning from his trip as a result of what he witnessed.

He said the historical context surrounding the events of 7 October must be acknowledged to understand the current conflict and move forward.

Mate, who survived the Holocaust after his mother placed him with another family after he was born in an effort to save him, called for an end to the Israeli occupation, an end to the persecution of Palestinians, and the return of Palestinian land seized by the occupation since 1967.

“Piers, you must go to Gaza and see this for yourself, as I did, and you will cry every day for two weeks from the horror of what you will see, as I did… the land must be returned to the Palestinians. This injustice cannot continue for long,” he said.

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