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‘Palestine will never die’ solidarity music track by Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil

Lowkey, in collaboration with Mai Khalil, has released a new track titled ‘Palestine Will Never Die,’ shedding light on the ongoing situation in Gaza. The song offers a narrative of the hardships and endurance of the Palestinian people since the war’s commencement. Lowkey’s lyrics describe the stark realities and struggles faced in Gaza, while Mai Khalil’s haunting melody adds depth to the song’s message. Addressing topics like the media’s inadequate coverage of war crimes and the broad international support for Palestine, the track stands as a poignant musical testament to the resilience and unyielding spirit of the Palestinian people amid adversity. The song is gaining attention worldwide, adding a powerful voice to the discourse surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

November 29, 2023 at 11:48 pm