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US Jewish activist calls for action as part of global strike for Gaza

Shlomo Yitzhak, an American Jewish social media activist, has voiced his support for Palestinian rights by calling for protests blocking all arms factories as part of the global strike for Gaza. He said international boycotts are effective in bringing down apartheid regimes. Yitzhak said action will continue beyond just calls for a ceasefire, but until Palestine is free. ‘Every single refugee will return. Every single descendant of refugees will return. The Nakba never ended,’ he said, ‘It is one ongoing catastrophe which is known as the State of Israel. And it will end. We will have justice. We will see a free Palestine in our lifetime.’ The global strike, aimed at opposing the aggression towards Gaza and pushing towards lifting the blockade and implementing a ceasefire, is scheduled for Monday, 11 December 2023.

December 11, 2023 at 8:07 pm