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A purely Palestinian year

January 3, 2024 at 4:07 pm

Khaled Nabhan, the Palestinian grandfather who lost his grandchildren in an Israeli airstrike.

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October is the most important event, not only in the year 2023, but it is the most important since the October War of 1973, i.e., half a century ago. It is the earthquake that shook the entire world, and shook the ground beneath the Zionist State, making it fearful for its existence. It considered this operation to be a second war of independence for it, so they launched a brutal, barbaric war on the Gaza Strip in which it targeted thousands of defenceless civilians. After nearly three months, the number of Palestinian victims has reached more than 21,000 martyrs, most of whom have been children, women and the elderly. It has also left thousands injured and wounded, and destroyed the infrastructure, including hospitals, public institutions and all vital facilities, including the headquarters of international humanitarian missions and places of worship, such as mosques and churches. They have burned everything and Gaza has become a ruin, just rubble and stones.

The insistence on continuing the destruction and genocide until all of Gaza becomes  scorched earth, unfit to live in, is ongoing, and they can implement their diabolical plan of displacing the people of Gaza to the Egyptian Sinai. This is the main goal of the war on Gaza, and this is what has not been achieved (yet). This is an old plan among the Zionist leaders since Ben Gurion, the founder of the Zionist State and its first prime minister, and Zionist leaders did not hesitate to speak about it publicly on several occasions.

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However, the courage of the Resistance and its victories has hindered them from achieving this goal, as admitted by the Zionist military and civilian leaders. In addition, the Zionist media does not allow the publication of enough real data and numbers about the real magnitude of the losses sustained by the Zionist army, the number of settlements that the settlers were forced to abandon and about the broken spirit in the ranks of the Zionist society. Also, the military machine has, so far, been unable to reach the heads of the Palestinian Resistance, despite having all the logistical and intelligence means to do so over the course of the genocidal war on Gaza. In general, the brutal aggression on Gaza is still far from achieving its full goals, while the facts on the ground confirm that it is almost impossible for the Zionist State to achieve the eradication of the Palestinian people from their historical land.

All the brutal massacres committed by the Zionist enemy are taking place before the eyes of the whole world, and the entire world is doing nothing, The Western governments, led by the US, are participating in the war against Gaza, while the Zionist Arab governments are complicit with them, and their goal is the same, which is to destroy the Resistance and eliminate Hamas. This is not strange for the so-called Palestinian Authority, which is headed by the Zionist agent, Mahmoud Abbas, to stand by and watch all these brutal massacres being committed against its people in Gaza and not bat an eyelid or utter a word against the Zionist enemy while condemning Hamas for what it did on 7 October, and holding it responsible. Hussein Sheikh, the Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, who wants to market himself to the US as the replacement for Mahmoud Abbas, has threatened Hamas with accountability after the end of the war. This puppet Authority helps the Zionist enemy in secret and in public. It arrests the resistant youth in the West Bank and reports their whereabouts to the enemy, and the Zionist forces then arrest them and kill them. It is the Zionist security branch in the West Bank that protects the Zionist State, and the Security Coordination Authority stands as a hindrance to the outbreak of an Intifada in the West Bank and, instead, protects the Zionist state!

The genocidal war on Gaza has revealed that the Western world, which has given us headaches with the principles and international humanitarian law and promotes human rights, justice, fairness and the right of peoples to live in peace and a dignified life, is nothing but a hypocritical world that applies double standards. Its international laws and agreements regarding the protection of vulnerable groups, such as children, women, the elderly and the sick are false tools used to deceive the Third World. One can compare what happened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine with what happened after the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. The West employed international organisations, led by the UN, to issue resolutions against the Russian State, while the US uses its veto power to stop a resolution to stop the war in Gaza.

The genocidal war taking place in Gaza is not connected whatsoever to what is happening in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and this confirms what I have said and written many times: that the West, which created Israel in a well-known historical context, will continue to support it so that it will last, survive and continue as a symbol of Occupation and settlement. The current American President has said, “If there were not an Israel, we’d have to invent one”, and we respond to him by saying that this cancerous creature you planted on Arab soil is not fit to survive in it; it will die in it, and you will lose in the end. You should learn from the examples of Vietnam, South Africa, Algeria and many others.

The brutal, barbaric Israeli war on Gaza revealed Israel’s racist fascist face to the entire world; the ill-fated Oslo Accords has fallen, and the alleged peace has been exposed. The world can now clearly see that the Zionist State does not want peace; it knows nothing about peace, as it is a colonial entity. Logically, how can an Occupation be a peace project? It is an Occupation project that relies on the subjugation of the Palestinians and their displacement from their land, and there is no solution for it and no alternative, other than through legitimate resistance against it to liberate the land of Palestine from the desecration of the usurper Occupation and to allow the Palestinians to live in dignity and pride.

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