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Algeria: Israel’s depriving Palestinian people of their most basic rights a ‘disgrace to humanity’

January 22, 2024 at 8:37 am

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune addresses the 78th United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City on September 19, 2023 [LEONARDO MUNOZ/AFP via Getty Images]

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has slammed the Israeli occupation’s violations of international humanitarian law and depriving the Palestinian people of their most basic rights, saying they are a “disgrace to all of humanity”.

The president reiterated his country’s full and unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people until the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

He stressed “the close connection between the right to development and the people’s right to self-determination in accordance with the principles of international law and international legitimacy resolutions, which are the principles that the Global South has always defended.”

Last week, Tebboune highlighted the Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinians, saying: “The barbarism of the continuous attacks launched by the Zionist destruction machine on the occupied land of Palestine and the arrogance of the inhumane practices of the occupation soldiers against the defenceless Palestinian people, including women, children and infants, especially in the Gaza Strip, are the ugliest forms of terrorism and the ugliest manifestations of oppression and abuse, in full view of the entire world. They are a clear example of the international community’s failure to impose controls and restrictions that apply to everyone without selection or discrimination, as Israel flouts international legitimacy resolutions and refuses to submit to Security Council resolutions and respond to the peace option without being held accountable for that.”

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