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Dispatch from Gaza: Israeli troops 'kidnap' body of Palestinian girl from grave, mother recounts

Since Walaa, a Palestinian mother in Gaza, found out the cemetery her daughter had been buried in had been raided by occupation forces, she has been calling for the return of her daughter's body.

January 30, 2024 at 5:15 pm

Grief-stricken Palestinian mother Walaa Barbakh shares a devastating account of how she found out her young daughter’s grave had been desecrated by Israeli forces and her body taken.

According to Walaa, her daughter was killed in an Israeli air strike on 1 December. Upon hearing the news that Israeli occupation forces had invaded cemeteries in Khan Yunis and dug up graves, she rushed with her husband to check on her daughter’s grave only to discover her body had been taken.

Having fled Khan Yunis, where her home has also now been destroyed, Walaa and her surviving family members are now sheltering in the city of Rafah near the Egyptian border.

The Israeli military has desecrated at least 16 cemeteries in its ground offensive in Gaza, a CNN investigation has found.

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