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Dispatch from Gaza: Displaced boy finds joy in making and selling kites

Having fled northern Gaza with his family, young Mohammed Siksik spends his time making and selling kites to other displaced kids in a camp in Rafah.

January 31, 2024 at 4:58 pm

A young displaced Palestinian boy makes a small living out of making and selling kites to other children in a camp in Gaza.

Israeli bombardment forced Mohammed Siksik’s family to flee their home in northern Gaza to the southern city of Rafah, where they are now sheltering.

Mohammed gathers used plastic and buys basic supplies like wooden sticks and threads from a small market set up in the camp in order to bind the plastic and make the kites, something he says he enjoys. He uses a knife to cut up the plastic and add decorations to his kites, as he and his siblings have been unable to find scissors.

Mohammed says he spends the money he makes selling the kites on providing for his siblings and cousins.

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