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‘We should kill them all’ - US Congressman’s shocking comment on Gaza children

US Congressman Andy Ogles’s statement, ‘We should kill them all,’ in reaction to photos of children’s casualties in Gaza, has sparked widespread outrage.

February 21, 2024 at 8:30 am

Republican Representative Andy Ogles told activists who were calling for a ceasefire at Congress that “I think we should kill them all”, in reference to Palestinian children in Gaza.

The shocking response, experts have said, clearly indicates the extent of the United States’ responsibility for the crime of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Social media activist user Saira Rao responded on X: “Andrew Ogles, a sitting member of Congress, says the quiet part out loud ‘I think we should kill ‘em all.’ He states WE (America) are responsible for killing all Palestinians (genocide),” adding that “Congress + Biden + Entire Cabinet are ALL WAR CRIMINALS.”

Many questions have been raised about the personal and professional life of the Republican representative from the state of Tennessee, as he said that he has earned a higher educational degree even though his transcripts show that he failed in every subject. Newspapers have also wondered about the source of the mysterious funds for his election campaign, as he received $320,000 without having a reasonable explanation for the source of these funds.

The controversial representative had previously proposed a draft law prohibiting those holding Palestinian citizenship from entering the US.

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