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UK Labour politician says ‘now is the moment to take a stronger position’ after nearly 30,000 killed in Gaza

UK Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey says ‘now is the moment to take a stronger position’ and calls for ‘an immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ after the death toll in Gaza reaches nearly 30,000. During an interview with Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Newsnight, Healey expresses concern of ‘the agonies of the Palestinian people’ when questioned about what the Labour Party was waiting for. The Labour Party has refused to call for a ceasefire for the first four months of the war in Gaza, until recently, when the party shifted its position and began calling for a ceasefire. The party’s stance on Israel’s war in Gaza has lost them significant support in the UK, particularly from the British Muslim population.

February 22, 2024 at 7:56 pm