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Hezbollah bombed Israeli army base during tour by Chief of Staff

February 28, 2024 at 11:41 am

A photo taken from Lebanon on October 15, 2023 shows the Al-Rahib Military Base on the border of Israel and Lebanon after Israeli Army announces that the base was attacked with anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon [Houssam Shbaro – Anadolu Agency]

Hezbollah bombed an Israeli army base yesterday while Chief of Staff General Herzi Halevi was touring the same area, local media have reported.

According to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Halevi was inspecting and assessing the situation in the area when the attack took place. He apparently said that the Lebanese militia “must pay a heavy price” for joining Hamas on 7 October.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Israeli army announced that it had recorded about 35 missile launches from Lebanese territory towards the Jabal Al-Jarmaq area in the north of the occupation state. In response, added the army, “Warplanes bombed a military site and some Hezbollah military infrastructure in the areas of Al-Haniya, Jabshit, Al-Basriyah and Al-Mansouri.”

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