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Houthis reject UNSC statement on Red Sea operations

March 20, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Thousands of demonstrators gather at the Sebin Street after Friday prayers to show solidarity with Palestinians and protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza, following a call of the Iranian-backed Houthis in Sanaa, Yemen on March 08, 2024. [Mohammed Hamoud – Anadolu Agency]

Yemen’s Houthi group yesterday rejected a statement issued by the UN Security Council condemning the group’s operations against Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea, Anadolu agency reported.

The Houthi government’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement the group is “deeply dissatisfied” and “condemns” the Security Council statement which “reflects the council’s dangerous dependence on the American criminal desire”, and “blind bias behind the American support of the Israeli brutal massacres and genocidal practices against civilians in Gaza.”

It added that the Security Council’s position “violates all laws, morals and common human values.”

“Our operations will continue and will not stop until the criminal Zionist aggression against Gaza stops and the siege is lifted. The Security Council must play its role and rehabilitate itself,” it added.

On Monday, the UN Security Council condemned in the strongest terms attacks by Yemen’s Houthi group against commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

Yemen’s Houthi group has been targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea owned or operated by Israeli companies or transporting goods to and from Israel in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli onslaught since 7 October, 2023.

Houthis: Entry of aid into Gaza will not stop our attacks in the Red Sea