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Spain argues for the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN

April 18, 2024 at 8:40 pm

Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Albares speaks during a press conference at UN Headquarters in New York City on February 23, 2024. [YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images]

The Spanish Foreign Minister made an impassioned plea for the international community to recognise the State of Palestine during the UN Security Council debate on Thursday, Anadolu Agency reports.

Jose Manuel Albares said the establishment of a Palestinian State, and its recognition as a full UN member, is not only a “question of justice” but the “only viable option for peace”.

“The risk of regional escalation is more pressing than ever, there is no alternative other than to direct our efforts towards a political solution,” he said. “To guarantee this peace, all of us here know what we must do – implement the two-state solution.”

“Spain will recognise Palestine because the people of Palestine cannot be condemned to be a people of refugees, because this is the way to peace in the Middle East and also because it is good for Israel’s security,” he said.

“Spain will recognise the Palestinian State because Palestinians have the right to a future with hope, just as the Israeli people have the right to security.”

Madrid’s top diplomat also called on the UN to join Spain’s proposal for an international peace process, which he said has gotten the backing of over 80 countries.

“I invite this Council to take on this proposal on so that multilateral diplomacy in action can contribute to turning a new page in the history of the Middle East — to one of definitive peace,” said Albares.

He slammed the international community for having failed to solve the situation in Palestine since the UN’s creation, with Palestine being the location of the organisation’s first peacekeeping mission in 1948.

“How much longer must we wait to resolve it? Hundreds of thousands of people, whole families and children are at this moment being deprived of food, water, medicine and homes — how much longer must they wait? How many days must hostages wait?” he asked.

In a press conference following his speech, he said Spain had taken a step forward on in its journey to recognising the State of Palestine by sending a clear message to the international community.

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