Friday, February 12 2016

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Exploring war and folklore through the medium of dance

d’après une histoire vraie


Some memories are so powerful that they leave traces, imprints and half-remembered fragments of the past that in the present moment can transform themselves into new repertoires of being and understanding in the world. This was the case when French choreographer Christian Rizzo witnessed a performance of a traditional folkloric war dance while travelling in Istanbul in 2004. The power and movement of that performance stayed with him and, over the years, became a source of inspiration for his own work.


Art is the highest form of hope

'NEW SOCIAL RELATIONS', an image by Karim Hayawan []When we turn our thoughts to contemporary art from Egypt, the first images that come to mind are political graffiti and militant posters. Our idea of Egyptian art is attached strongly to concepts such as uprising, revolution and the Arab Spring. In the past few years the international art world has sought this out. Egyptian artists have been invited abroad to showcase the fierce spirit of Arab artists and their fight for freedom.


Palestine's rock-climbing community on the rise

Palestinian Rock ClimbersPerched on a ledge atop a sheer rock face, Nassar Dalloul looked out over the Ein Qiniya valley and let out a roar. "Don't just sit there, man, a goat could come and kick you off!" shouted Will Harris, the climbing guide, only half-joking.


Egyptians boycott butcher shops amid soaring meat prices

Palestinian butcher in GazaMohamed Fadl, 44, sat in front of his butcher shop in the northern Giza suburb of Imbaba waiting for a customer to step in to buy meat. “For days, we have not received a single buyer,” Fadl told Anadolu Agency.


Family Day at Newbury's Arabian Horse Racing

Rasaasy in the Emirates Equestrian Federation International Stakes


THEY call horse racing “The Sport of Kings” and during my time in Britain I have certainly always associated it with Royalty. I ran into Queen Elizabeth II during my first visit to Ascot a few summers ago, and am used to seeing some of the richest people in the world during my trips to race tracks. The sport generates more than £4 billion a year for the UK economy, much of it through betting, and many of the most famous meetings are as much a part of the High Society “season” as Wimbledon or the Henley Regatta.


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