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New London exhibition reveals daily life in Gaza

New London exhibition reveals daily life in GazaA new exhibition aiming to shed light on the daily lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has opened at the P21 Gallery in London.


Emerging Art: Libya's artistic re-birth

Adela Suliman

"People don't associate Libya with creativity," says Nessrin Gebreel, co-founder of Noon Arts. Many could be forgiven for agreeing with her, but following the 2011 revolution which ended Mu'ammar Gaddafi's 42-year dictatorship, Libya is continuing to undergo a huge surge of artistic expression.


Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: rebuilding Iraqi literature

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: rebuilding Iraqi literatureSeven years ago Iraq's writers would gather in Al-Mutannabi Street, the literary district in Baghdad, sip coffee and consider the latest publications. Named after the classical 10th-century poet, the street was home to an abundant array of bookshops, market stalls, publishers, printers and cafes.


New exhibition features Palestinian artwork created out of Israel's tools of oppression

Chic Art And ResistanceIMAGES

Although Palestinians have lived under Israeli occupation and apartheid for over six decades, Western narratives usually paint them as hateful and violent, as if they were born with hatred rather than shaped by a life of displacement, discrimination, military rule, poverty and oppression.


The Jameel Prize at the V&A where Islamic tradition meets contemporary art

Jameel PrizeIn the updated version of his book Covering Islam, originally published in 1981, renowned Palestinian writer and intellectual Edward Said voiced concern that "the mere use of the label 'Islam,' either to explain or to indiscriminately condemn 'Islam,' actually ends up becoming a form of attack, which in turn provokes more hostility between self-appointed Muslim and Western spokespersons." Said added that what is known in the West as "'Islam' defines a relatively small proportion of what actually takes place in the Islamic world."