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Liberal Democrats friends of Palestine issue new position paper on Palestine

Liberal Democrats Friends of PalestineOn the occasion of their party Spring Conference taking place this weekend, the Liberal Democratic Friends of Palestine (LDFP) have isued a new position paper on Palestine. MEMO has been given permission to publish it, as well as a paper on apartheid practices in the West Bank by George Burnett, a member of the LDFP.


Manifesto of all people of good conscience

Dr Salman Abu SittaWe, citizens of the world,

celebrating the human pursuit of freedom and independence,

adhering fully to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

rejecting the ideology and practice of colonization under any name at any time,


Hamas' political thought and stances in light of the Arab uprisings

DownloadKhalid Mishaal, Chief of the Political Bureau of Hamas

By Khalid Meshaal

This paper was originally presented by Mr Khalid Meshaal, the Chief of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) at a conference convened by Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultations, Beirut, on 28-29 November 2012.

It explores Hamas' vision for the Palestinian issue, and the practical application of the movement's stances and concepts. Meshaal discusses the "Arab Spring" and its impact on the issue, in addition to Hamas's role and potential challenges. Finally, Meshaal discusses the challenges and problems facing the Arab Spring in its various countries.

Download the full document


Letter to President Jacob Zuma

HE Jacob Zuma
President of the Republic of South Africa
Cape Town
South Africa

Cape Town, 7 November 2011

Dear Mister President,

On 5-6 November 2011 we held our third session in Cape Town, hosted by the District Six museum.

Yesterday afternoon it came to our attention that at least one witness who has given evidence to the Tribunal this weekend has been subjected to reprisals because she has opposed apartheid. Haneen Zoabi, a Member of Knesset (Israeli Parliament) gave evidence to the Tribunal yesterday, Sunday 6th November 2011, and within hours of doing do so was reportedly the subject of a formal application to the Knesset's Ethics' Committee to strip her of her Israeli citizenship. The media reports of that application make it clear that it is based on the fact of her testimony to the Tribunal. We fully appreciate that the proposed action against MK Zoabi is currently initiated by another MK, which at the time of this letter has not received the support of the Israeli Government and has not been the subject of decision by the Knesset. However, the very fact of such a formal step may effectively achieve its principal purpose: to chill public debate on the issue of Israeli apartheid.


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