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Commemorating Gaza's Victims In London

Image of smoke rising in Gaza from Israeli airstrikes [Apaimages]
Smoke rises in Gaza after Israeli carried out air strikes [Apaimages]

With the approach of the international convoy Viva Palestina to Gaza, plans are under way in several European cities to mark the first anniversary of the Israel onslaught on the besieged Palestinian territory. The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) has learnt from sources in London that a broad coalition of solidarity organizations would be holding a vigil outside the Israeli embassy in London on Sunday 27th December. Sources close to the organizers say the purpose of the event is to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, demand an end to the siege of the territory and reaffirm calls for the prosecution of suspected Israeli war criminals.

Amid mounting international concern with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Nick Clegg, has called for an end to the siege. Likewise, a report released today by a group of 16 humanitarian and human rights groups have condemned the siege and collective punishment of Gaza's one and a half million population.

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