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'Enough, we have stolen the country'

July 7, 2013 at 6:46 pm

The daughter of the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has described the moment when her father was arrested by the Egyptian police following the coup last Wednesday. Zahraa Al-Shater said that when the police entered her home to arrest her father Khairat they broke into her mother’s bedroom and ordered her to stand with her face against the wall.

“When we asked them to show the arrest warrant,” she said, “we were told that there was no legal order, and to keep quiet or they would hit us.”

Writing on her Facebook page, Al-Shater said, “They told us: ‘Enough, we have stolen the country’.” She pointed out that the police took photographs of her father as he got dressed and distributed them to TV stations and their personal email inboxes. The pictures, she claimed, were accompanied by “vulgar” language.

She condemned the detention of her father on charges of inciting his followers to kill Egyptian citizens. “Mubarak is innocent of killing protesters,” she noted ironically, “his interior minister Habib al-Adly is innocent, too, but my father, who has never even protected himself against any aggression, is a killer.”

The Prosecutor’s Office in South Cairo decided on Saturday to detain Khairat Al-Shater for 15 days in order to investigate him over the killing of protesters in front of the Brotherhood headquarters in Al-Muqatam.

Al-Shater denied the charges and said that there were only three guards in the office when it was attacked. He said that the guards inside were defending themselves and it was assumed by he and his colleagues that it would be the attackers who would be investigated for the arson attack, not the Islamic movement members for defending themselves.