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Al-Sisi's constitution

January 23, 2014 at 6:05 am

The misleading media loyal to the coup-organisers have referred to the Egyptian Constitution, which was approved in a referendum by 64 per cent of those who voted and was written by a committee elected by the People’s Assembly, as the “Brotherhood Constitution”. Despite the fact that the committee who wrote the constitution was made up of people from across the political spectrum, including secularists and left-wingers who refer to themselves as liberals, they were not spared the coup-organisers’ hatred because those behind the military takeover wanted to dominate and control the committee in order to write the constitution themselves and eliminate the Islamists.

They are now achieving their goals thanks to the army, which helped them to realise their dream with their tanks. In repayment, they are approving in advance the constitution prepared by the military. They have given their approval, for example, to the strengthening of the minister of defence’s position and have agreed that a military committee should appoint the minister rather than the president and prime minister. Moreover, the defence minister will remain in position for two whole presidential terms, meaning that an elected president cannot replace him. The committee appointed by Colonel Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who also happens to be the minister of defence, has put the military institution above the state; it is a state within a state. The same people who demanded a civilian state and went on about democracy and freedom are the same people who are now establishing what looks remarkably like a fascist military state, licking the military’s boots and taking orders from army officers.

It doesn’t stop there; they have also protected the position of the president appointed by the army and have allowed him to serve until a new president is elected. They have also added a new clause in the constitution, regarding “terrorism”, giving the state the right to eliminate terrorism, prosecute those involved and cut-off its financial and intellectual sources. They are the same people who not too long ago were enjoying freedom of thought, expression and belief under President Morsi and made a ruckus when legal action was taken against a story or novel that disgraced Islam or community values.

This coup has unmasked the elite who claimed falsely to be liberal; those who made an outcry about human rights during Morsi’s time in office are now approving a constitutional clause that allows the trial of civilians in military courts. The clauses in the new constitution are not present in any other constitutions around the world; they are only in the constitution of Al-Sisi and his gang, who stole Egypt and want to mould it as they see fit.

However, they will not succeed; those who believe that military strength can triumph over the truth are deluded. Truth will prevail over oppression and tyranny. We have learnt this throughout history; this is Allah’s promise to the believers, and He does not break His promises.

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