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Israeli spy operations on Turkish Air Force uncovered

January 30, 2014 at 11:28 pm

The Hebrew newspaper, Maariv, has revealed that Israel spied on the Turkish Air Force, and carried out intelligence operations targeting their military bases.

Quoting from Turkish media sources, Maariv’s Thursday, May 3, edition said that Israel was able to listen to communications between Turkish air force pilots during one of their training session at the Konya military base in central Turkey. The aim of the espionage was apparently to uncover Turkish military training and aviation strategy.

According to the newspaper, following revelations about the Israeli intelligence operations, Turkish army authorities took immediate measures to protect all communication during training operations by developing special software to encrypt it.

It is worth mentioning that relations between Tel Aviv and Ankara have experienced significant tension over the past two years. The implications of this have been the cancellation of military agreements and the downgrading of the diplomatic relations between the two sides.