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Merkel explains decision to freeze arms shipments to Egypt

January 30, 2014 at 11:31 am

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has said that the decision to freeze German arms shipments to Egypt will limit the escalating violence in the intensely divided state. Merkel made her remarks to German channel ZDF on Sunday. Israeli news site, Times of Israel, published the interview on their site.

Merkel had issued a decision to suspend all arms shipments to Egypt to indicate Germany’s uneasiness with events in the Middle Eastern country, where violence has been accelerating.

The German Chancellor said, “the new procedures show our scepticism about what is happening.”

“In a few days there will be a meeting of the EU foreign ministers to evaluate and reconsider our relationship with Egypt.”

According to official statements Germany had agreed to export weapons worth 13 million Euros to Egypt before Merkel’s decision to freeze the arms shipments.