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Ashrawi denounces Britain's continued detention of Raed Salah

Dr Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Executive Committee and Chairperson of the Department of Culture and Information for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), has condemned the continued arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah with a view to his deportation and expulsion by the British Authorities. Ashrawi said; "We are shocked that the British police would have the audacity to take this action against Sheikh Raed as his political and humanitarian message in defence of the rights of his people who suffer under occupation does not constitute a threat to Britain's security. He arrived in the country to participate in civilised dialogue with British civil society."

Ashrawi called on the British authorities not respond to Israeli blackmail and pressure, and urged them to immediately release Sheikh Raed Salah indicating that his unjustified political detention and the use of double standards in his regard harms democratic values, rights and public freedoms. She added; "It is the responsibility of the countries of the world to pursue and capture Israeli war criminals and refer them to international tribunals."

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