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Turkish press: Israel's agreement to cooperate with international inquiry is insufficient

January 31, 2014 at 12:49 am

According to articles published on Tuesday (03.08.2010) in leading Turkish newspapers, Israel’s decision to cooperate with the UN international commission of inquiry into the bloody attack on the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ in May is an ‘insufficient step’. The UN announced that it would be establishing the inquiry the day before yesterday.

In its 3rd August edition, the Watan newspaper asserted that Turkish pressure had succeeded in forcing Israel to agree to the international commission of inquiry. It also highlighted the fact that Israel had fulfilled one of the three conditions set out by Ankara following the Israeli aggression against the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza and which saw nine Turks killed.

The newspaper said that the conditions demanded by the Turkish Prime Minister were integrated and that the international inquiry is but a part thereof; an international inquiry must be made in addition to the release of the vessels, an apology being made to the families of the victims and the payment of compensation.

According to observers, Turkey has been able to mobilise sufficient support such that Israel is unable to hold back the tide and is obliged to return the three ships from the ‘Freedom Flotilla’. Turkey has also forced Washington to pressure Tel Aviv to agree to the UN investigation.