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Canada to cut aid if PA pursues Israel at International Criminal Court

February 4, 2014 at 10:45 am

Canada’s Foreign Minister has told North America’s main pro-Israel lobby group that if the Palestinian Authority takes legal action against Israel at the International Criminal Court his country will block aid payments to Palestine. Speaking at the AIPAC conference, John Baird warned the PA that it will “deal strongly” with the Authority if it takes such steps.

The Federal Government in Canada has been holding talks about continuing aid to the PA; a $300 million aid commitment is due to end soon.

Baird voted against the PA’s bid for enhanced status at the UN last year, describing the move as an “utterly regrettable decision”. Speaking after the international body agreed to upgrade Palestine to non-state observer status, Baird accused the UN General Assembly of “abandoning policy and principles”.

The General Assembly voted 138-9 in favour of the upgrade; 41 countries abstained. According to Baird, the new status would not have any positive impact on the lives of Palestinians but would “hinder” the peace process.