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Settlers head for Washington to raise awareness among political elite

February 4, 2014 at 10:11 am

A delegation of Israeli settlers has left for a visit to the United States in a bid to raise awareness of their situation and reinforce their position in the eyes of American politicians. Media reports say that the delegation includes members of the Council of Jewish Settlements, led by former head Danny Dayan.

The group is due to have discussions with senior American officials, congressmen, polling institutions and US media organisations. It aims to persuade them that “Jews have the right [sic] to settle in the West Bank” and that they are a “main segment” of Israeli society.

“The American administration has to recognise that settlers are not contractors with the Israeli government,” insisted one delegation member. “The situation has to be changed from speaking about settlers to speaking directly with them.” He stressed that settlers are completely against the idea of freezing or stopping settlement in the West Bank.