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Coup authorities sold land to Israel and UAE in Suez

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Egypt’s National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy and Opposing the Coup revealed on Thursday that the coup leaders have sold land east and west of the Suez Canal to the United Arab Emirates and to Israel in order to freeze the Suez Canal project.

In a statement published on the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website, the alliance added that the coup is a threat to Egypt’s national security as it has involved: “calling on the US to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs; threats made by the Egyptian Foreign Minister against Hamas; the deterioration of the situation in the Sinai; allowing the violation of the Egyptian airspace and the killing of Egyptians; overthrowing the government and internal strife; and closing the file of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which harms the security of Egypt’s vital waterway.”

The alliance described the hundred days since the bloody military coup: “during this period we have reaped a bitter harvest at all levels. Films of demonstrations, using aircrafts and movie tricks, were used to justify the coup and claim that it is a revolution. The coup leader bet that he would steal the nation in just hours or days, but the land inhaled throughout Egypt with masses who refuse to accept the coup and who insist on breaking it through demonstrations and protests, turning their struggle for justice into a popular revolution that has now reached its third month unabated, despite the summer’s heat or the tyrants’ oppression, their arms, their bullets or their equipment.”