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Egypt's Rebel Alliance denounces law that outlaws demonstrations

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Egypt’s Rebel Alliance has denounced a new law introduced by the interim government that outlaws demonstrations. Amer Al-Wakil, the Alliance spokesman, said in a statement: “the majority of the Egyptian people are still waiting to achieve part, even just a small part, of the revolution’s goals and they will not abide by a law that outlaws demonstrations.”

Al-Wakil demanded for interim President Adly Mansour to consult with the true revolutionary forces before issuing such a law, pointing out that the country’s military backed-government endorses the slogan “the revolution continues” and yet issues a law that defies this principle.

According to Al-Wakjil, the ongoing revolution dictates that peaceful demonstrations against any errors during the transitional phase must take place. Explaining that the alliance is already in contact with a number of officials to prevent the law, he added: “if the law is passed, the Alliance of Egypt’s real revolutionary forces will initiate a campaign entitled Give me my Right and I will Keep Silent. The people of Egypt revolted for three years demanding a decent life, freedom and social justice and have not achieved any of these goals. Everyone waits for them because it is their right to expect these things from the state.”

Al-Wakil urged the interim government to pass a law for the transitional period to hold criminals accountable in Egypt instead of persecuting those who claim their rights. He cited the Mahalla workers, who took their rights only recently because of their respectable and peaceful demonstrations.