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Interim Egyptian president warns of return of Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's interim president has warned his country's political and social elites about the threat of division among pro-coup supporters. "This will pave the way for the return of the Muslim Brotherhood," claimed Adli Mansour.

Speaking to journalists, artists, actors and athletes among others, Mansour said that what the roadmap introduced by the military coup needed in order to survive is "strong popular support". He warned of the continuous division between alliances of the "January 25 and June 30" revolutions. "If we do not wake up, they [the Brotherhood] will come to the parliament in large numbers," he said. "They are able to organise and mobilise people."

Mansour said that the roadmap is the last chance for the civil powers, including Al-Nour Party, to get a civil Egypt. "I do not think that the army will move again if the people do not seek the right representatives this time."

Regarding those coup supporters who are calling for presidential elections first, he said that he hoped that they had the public interest in their sight. "I hope that they are not doing so because they support a certain person for the position." He pointed to the hints put out by some officials that General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is the best person to lead the country. "Based on my knowledge, the person you are talking about has not taken his decision yet. He might take a sudden opposing position."

The interim president affirmed that he would not stand for the presidency. "I cannot go for this adventure," he said. "Egypt has many problems and it does not need a normal person; the role needs a person who recognises the meaning of Egypt, the size of its problems and the complication of the international environment."

During the four hour meeting, Mansour said that he planned to issue a decree to strengthen the upcoming parliament against dissolution, but he had given up this idea after detailed discussions with senior lawyers.

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