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Tunisian PM rules out replication of Egyptian coup in Tunis

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Ali Laarayedh said on Wednesday that the demonstrations in Tunis do not worry his government, stressing that the army is dedicated to protecting the people and the revolution.

In an interview broadcast on Tunisian RT Television, Laarayedh elaborated on the importance of national dialogue and reiterated the necessity of reaching an “understanding that is in the interest of the country.”

He also firmly said that what is happening in Egypt would not be replicated in Tunisia because: “The army in Tunisia is a national institution that is dedicated to protecting the achievements of our nation and its revolution.”

In addition, he said that the opposition slogan “leave” does not worry him.

Commenting on the reports of Tunisian ladies travelling to Syria for temporary marriages, he remarked that there is no clear-cut evidence of Tunisian ladies travelling to Syria for what is being referred to as “marriage Jihad”. He also denounced the use of this kind of marriage.

The prime minister called upon Tunisian youth not to travel to Syria because of the current instability there. In the meantime, he said: “It is difficult to control the movement in and out of a free country such as Tunisia, whose citizens enjoy this established right.”