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Lawsuit calling for blacklisting 6 April Youth Movement

Former Parliamentarian Hamdi Al-Fakharani filed a lawsuit against the 6 April Youth Movement before the Magistrate Court, in an effort to add the group to the known list of terrorist organizations.

One week ago, Al-Fakharani filed another lawsuit calling for the dissolution of the group on account of its involvement in controversial activities that harmed the country.

The new lawsuit accused the group of carrying out activities that proved its involvement in external relations that harm the interests of the country.

Al-Fakharani said that the appearance of group members in a video sitting with former American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton proves his claims.

Furthermore, he said that the sources of the group's financial income are not known.

The pro-military coup parliamentarian also said that the latest disaster was the disclosure of information proving the group's link with the Muslim Brotherhood, because any such link counters the group's claim that they are revolutionary youths.

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