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Egypt to expel Syrian refugees

February 8, 2014 at 1:57 am

The authorities in Cairo have detained 42 Syrians in Alexandria, including children and a pregnant woman, pending their deportation to Turkey. Following the military coup in Egypt, Turkey is the only country to accept Syrian refugees.

The Head of the Legal Committee in the National Coalition of the Syrian Opposition, Haytham Al-Maleh, told the Anatolia news agency, “We are still waiting for the official Egyptian position regarding Syrians currently living in Egypt.” He added that Egypt isn’t even accepting Syrian students and all Syrians now need a visa to enter the state. No official statement has been released by the Egyptian government.

“We want to know what is going to happen,” said Al-Maleh. “Syrians are experiencing the worst ever living conditions and all doors are closed to us. Even Lebanon and Jordan are no longer accepting Syrians across their borders.” He pointed out that he has been in touch with the Arab league to seek its help in persuading the Egyptians to withdraw the deportation order.