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Ghannouchi: Anyone with a shred of humanity must stand against this military brutality

February 8, 2014 at 1:38 am

Speaking to ‘Al Mutawassit’ channel TV station Tunisia’s yesterday Ennahda leader Rashid Ghannouchi said; “What happened is a brutality committed not by humans but by monsters driven by hate and ready to burn the world for a cheap authority, and shows that they have no regard for humanity or religion.

Those who kill young girls, children, women, and point their guns at peaceful protesters, as testified by the whole world, are nothing but politically-bankrupt individuals.

This is a bankrupt elite merging the military with a greedy class and with pseudo-liberals. They have committed this third or fourth massacre during this month proving their bankruptcy and the greatness of what they call political Islam that has stood firm, and continues to stand firm, in squares against all odds, demonstrating their convictions in the true peaceful message of Islam and the principles of humanity, the right to freedom, democracy and human rights.

What they refer to as political Islam has shown great heroism in contrast to the terrible failure of pseudo-liberals, progressives and modernists. Today, the whole world is witnessing that failure, as are Tunisians who are witnessing the brutalities of the model some wish to import to Tunisia.

If we ask the protesters in the “Rahil” sit-in: Would you welcome that the Tunisian authorities does what the Egyptian authorities- which you support- have done? How do you describe these authorities? Why are you silent about these massacres committed one after another? Do you share any values with their perpetrators? What values? Or do you sacrifice all your values and principles because of hatred of Islamists? What is left of these principles and values when you remain silent about such brutal crimes, or, worse, justify them?

What happened in Egypt is a form of immunization of the Tunisian revolution, which needs to be immunized, because what happened in Egypt is a clear indication that the Egyptian model is not to be emulated in our country. Tunisia exported the revolution to Egypt and some people want to import one of the most brutal and violent military coups in history to Tunisia.

Anyone with a shred of humanity in the world must stand against this military brutality although we do not consider all of the Egyptian army responsible, but only its leadership which is determined to rule over people’s dead bodies and must be condemned.

Why has the United Nations not acted, and why have governments, including the Tunisian government, not called on the Security Council to convene to condemn these savage acts? Moreover the thinkers of the world and human rights organizations must all denounce this crime.”