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Post-coup casualties rise in Egypt

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

The Egyptian health ministry has revealed that 30 people were killed in the country’s anti-coup demonstrations on Friday. Four hundred and sixty protesters needed hospital treatment.

As protesters approached the Republican Palace, where deposed President Mohamed Morsi is believed to be held, interior ministry police fired at them with live ammunition.

Photographer Amru Salah witnessed the scene unfolding before his eyes. “As protesters approached the palace, one of them was holding a picture of Morsi. He was shot in the head by a security officer at a range of less than five metres.” Local sources reported that at least eight people were killed in this area. [read Amru Saleh’s report of the incident]

Prominent Islamist leaders such as Safwat Hijazi and Mohamed al-Beltaji have said that they are going to continue their protest in front of the Republican Palace until Morsi is released.

On Cairo’s 6th October Bridge near Tahrir Square and the Egyptian TV building, there were clashes between pro- and anti-coup protesters. Soldiers separated the two sides and medical sources reported several casualties.

In Alexandria, meanwhile, fierce clashes took place near Sidi Jaber Mosque. Witnesses say that pro-Morsi protesters were attacked when they left the mosque after the Friday prayer. Twelve people were killed and about 300 were wounded.

Dozens more were wounded in Damanhour when anti-Morsi demonstrators attacked the offices of the Freedom and Justice Party.