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Work on new Tunisian constitution suspended

February 8, 2014 at 2:13 am

The head of Tunisian Constituent Assembly Mostafa bin-Jaafar announced the suspension of the writing of the new constitution for an unspecified time, a move he said was connected to furthering national dialogue.

Large numbers of Tunisian oppositionists have been in the streets calling for the dissolution of the assembly in wake of the assassination of the prominent leftist opposition politician, Mohammed al-Brahmi last month.

During a speech delivered on Tunisian TV, Bin-Jaafar said, “Bearing responsibility as head of the National Constituent Assembly, I am announcing the suspension of its work until the launch of a national dialogue. This is for the sake of Tunisia and to guarantee the safe democratic transition of the country.”

Bin-Jaafar warned of the “dangerous situation” in Tunisia in wake of the assassination of the opposition leader Chokri Belaid last February and Mohamed al-Brahmi in July.

He also referred to the death of Tunisian soldiers at the Algerian-Tunisian borders and other “terrorist operation” which had been thwarted recently by the security services.

“However dangerous the situation is, the political parties instead of unifying their positions, are turning in opposite directions,” he said.