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Israelis kill 3-year-old girl in Gaza refugee camp attack


Reports have been received that Israel has bombed Meghazi Refugee Camp in the central Gaza Strip. According to local medical sources, a three-year old Palestinian girl was killed in the attack; her mother and brothers were wounded.

The bombing appears to have been "retaliation" for the killing of an Israeli working on the fence which runs along the ceasefire line between Israel and the besieged territory. The man was shot by a "Gazan sniper", it is claimed. The mainstream media hasn't mentioned whether or not that killing was itself retaliation for the killing of another Palestinian in Gaza two days ago by Israeli forces; another five Palestinians, all farmers, were wounded in a separate incident on Sunday. The attacks went largely unreported by the media.

It is also understood that Israel has attacked an alleged "Hamas training camp" in the Gaza Strip. There have been no reports of any casualties.

The latest attack by Israel comes almost five years to the day since the murderous attack which began so-called Operation Cast Lead. More than 1,400 Palestinians, one-third of them children, were killed by Israel in a brutal 21-day invasion of the territory between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad (images below)

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